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Address:451 Windmill Road, Dartmouth NS B3A 1J9

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Title: 2023/8/18 15:25:43
Whoever made the comment about the ginger beef. Absolutely incorrect. Best ginger beef in the city.
Title: 2023/7/20 5:19:19
Your ginger beef is disgusting. Yeats ago was tender and quality, now has organ meat taste and is so tough, can’t even cut through it! Gross, lost this customer and recommendations!!
Title: 2023/6/14 12:00:13
Is the takeout menu the same price as eat in restaurant menu?
Title: 2023/4/28 17:41:33
I order your number 3 combo tonight and there was more onions than beef. I took a picture if you would like to see but I was very disappointed
Title: 2023/11/20 12:54:49
If we would like to put in a take out order for christmas Eve at 6 PM how early would you like our order? Thank you!
Title: 2023/11/14 18:03:32
Title: 2023/11/1 10:50:47
Do you know your hours yet for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We were thinking of coming for supper if you’re open. Thank you! Nancy Blinn
Title: 2023/10/26 4:40:58
Do we need to make reservation for weekend?
Title: 2023/1/8 8:26:58
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