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Address:451 Windmill Road, Dartmouth NS B3A 1J9

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Title: 2018/5/19 7:38:09
I'd like to make a reservation for 6 for 6:30 Sunday (tomorrow) evening. Is this okay? My name is Jane
Title: 2018/4/11 9:17:54
I just heard such great things about your restaurant but I have a severe shellfish allergy. Would you be able to accommodate for this. Thank You Linda
Title: 2018/3/24 12:59:32
I was disappointed with food and item changes
Title: 2018/12/30 11:24:05
Hi, I'm just wondering if I placed an for a dinner for 4around 2PM, would that be ok for tomorrow? Thanks
Title: 2018/12/11 9:26:35
Hi, what hours are you open on dec 24?
Title: 2018/10/10 17:33:41
Please have Eva contact me regarding list of landscapers.I lost her email. She can text me at 902-220-0711 or email me at above email. Thanks!
Title: 2018/1/11 13:27:27
Hello Wondering if you have a kids menu? Thanks
Title: 2017/12/20 10:09:20
Hello, If we want to place a pick up order for Dec 31, do we need to order ahead of time? Thank you Lisa
Title: 2017/11/23 23:21:24
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